An Officer Not A Gentleman

Flying a multi-million pound jet in hostile territory is not an everyday career and it comes with a high degree of pressure and responsibility. It’s a dream job that takes years of ambition, training and commitment, but for Mandy Hickson, it was a dream that became reality. Find out about Mandy’s incredible journey to become one of the UK’s first female, fast-jet pilots and how she overcame many obstacles to develop the skills to succeed in such a demanding career.

Motivational Speaking

  • For Business

    Challenging times require an exceptional corporate response. So how do you motivate and inspire your staff to demonstrate outstanding leadership and teamwork under pressure; to stride confidently towards purposeful goals and maintain focus despite great risks?

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  • For Schools

    We recognise the daily challenges that face Head Teachers and their staff. All too frequently this has an impact upon the time available to do the very things that are undoubtedly close to your heart –nurturing your pupil’s hopes and aspirations and inspiring them to the realisation of their dreams and ambitions.

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  • Women's Groups

    Hickson is focused on providing women with support and inspiration in the form of Mandy's remarkable story. It is a story which started with dreaming about being a fast jet pilot at the age of 13 and culminated in her leading an entirely male dominated Front Line Tornado Squadron on operations.

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Business Navigation

  • Teamwork & Leadership

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  • Risk Management

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  • Threat & Error Management

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  • Human Resources

    Human Factors

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  • Crisis Management

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  • Facilitated Debriefing

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Mandy spoke with such passion, energy and enthusiasm; had the audience laughing at times and in total silence at others, as she linked her personal experience in the RAF with nursing. She had taken the time to understand the values our staff developed, and was able to thread those through her whole speech. It was truly inspirational and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Head of Communications | University Hospital Bristol


Hickson Ltd

Many of you will be thinking 'we are not in the aviation business so what does this have to do with me?'

Well... where do we start ?

Any organisation that works for or with people can benefit from these proven techniques. Human Factors training recognises that we all make mistakes but has an ability to deal with risk and reduce errors, giving us tools to be more efficient and effective in our roles. We are so passionate about the power of these approaches and the potential for any organisation we want to get more involved and assist with your needs.

We utilise highly experienced and credible professionals to help hone your business requirements. Using facilitated training sessions that are designed to be fun but with helpful and powerful 'take aways '. Our aim is to stimulate our clients to think in a new and subtle way, so that they can effectively and safely navigate through their business demands.

  • Mandy Hickson

  • Craig Hickson

As managers we were left with a powerful impression of the importance of making decisions that actively empower our teams to step up and to learn, first on safe "training ground" and ultimately in high stakes contexts.

Learning & Talent Development Manager | M&G Investments


  • 15th April 2016

    Dream it. Believe it. Do it!

    Having served as a fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force for 17 years I decided it was time to leave for pastures...

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Mandy was absolute brilliant, I would highly recommend Mandy for any event We hung on ever word and still wanted more after two & half hours. I personally came out on a massive high.

Sales & Marketing Director | Taylor Wimpey



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